Welcome to 33dreamweaver, your go-to portal that covers your everyday needs – be it tokens for your personal indulgences, or gift ideas from shawls and scarves made of varied fabrics, to handy light-weight rain goods – you are bound to find something here that’s perfect for everyone, including yourself.

Each of our labels or designs has been meticulously sourced from various countries to bring you the finest keepsakes. Delight yourself and your loved ones with our pocket-friendly perennial dress-up favourites, stylish yet multifunctional necessities, and more.

1. Dreamweaver

Gorgeous accessories of all fabrics and textures add a lovely finishing touch to an outfit. We offer a myriad of exquisite scarves, shawls and stoles in the most luxurious cashmere, silk and linens of every colour and design.

2. Bin House

This high-fashion label imported from Indonesia features works from famed native artisan batik craftspeople who painstakingly spin and weave all motifs and fabrics by hand.

3. Naracamicie

Italy’s most celebrated shirt label brings you a stunning selection of premium quality Italian shirts and blouses, designed for both work and play. Each style is tailored to flatter, and produced in limited quantities.

4. Feiler

A leading German producer of genuine chenille fabrics, which have been highly sought-after in Japan for its beautifully woven purses, handkerchiefs and pouches of exceptional texture and distinctive patterns. Using its proprietary “Magic Thread” material, real Feiler chenille easily recognised from its 100% cotton make which houses identical images on both sides.

5. Swany

Jet-setting across the globe has never been easier with Swany’s innovative line of luggage and travel bags, Walkin’ Bag. These travel necessities are known for their unique portable, waterproof and rolling abilities in lightweight and traveller-savvy design.

6. World Party Company

Stay dry with lightweight, highly fashionable wet weather products of premium quality from WPC Raingoods. Designed in a variety of feminine aesthetics and functions, the Japanese label’s rain goods make for covetable gifts and everyday necessities.